Sitting by the Lake Wearing Wooden Sunglasses and Fishing

I'm extremely excited to have a few days off of work. It seems like work was just driving me insane. There is always so much work to do, but so little time to get the work done. No matter how hard I focused, it seemed like I would wake up every single morning behind on my schedule. The earlier I would wake up, the more work I would have to do. It was actually getting to the point where I was literally feeling overwhelmed. Now though, I'm going to take a few weeks off and spend it at our cabin. I'm going to sit by the lake, wearing wooden sunglasses, and fish.

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One of Our Family Traditions

My family and I have a tradition. Whenever one of us goes on vacation, we will always buy the other members of the family a pen. We will try to find the most interesting pens that are available and then bring these back as souvenirs. This is a kind of souvenir that can be used and will not just sit around someone's home or be shoved into a drawer. Even when I buy things for myself, I always make sure to buy something that will be practical and useful. The last time I went on vacation to the islands, I bought a pair of wooden sunglasses that I still wear.

nothing not to like here!

I got one of these last year because i wanted a strong heater in a small package, small footprint, to use in my bathroom, because the built in heater stopped working. It’s perfect for heating a small room like that. Then i got another one for my bedroom, it’s quiet, strong, and small, it fit into a small space near the bed. Then, i got a third one for the living room. The living room is a large room, and i use the heater like a small fire place, it really pumps out the heat. It’s not going to heat the whole living room, but sitting next to it feels like sitting next to a small fire for warmth, very pleasant, not too hot when close to it, just a nice strong warmth. In the living room, the central heating doesn’t do that well heating the lower part of the room on a cold night, the heat rises and it can be set on a high temperature and still be cold where we sit, so we use these heaters to warm up our space, nice source of heat, very portable, lightweight, sturdy. No complaints, it’s perfect for what i use it for.12/7/2013 Not much to say, an update was requested. i have 3 of these and only use one of them regularly now, but it works like new, strong and warm, as long as i’m near it. Good price.In addition to getting one for the bedroom, one for the bathroom and one for the living room, i also got one for the office, at work, to have by my desk, and it kept me perfectly warm there when the A/C was way too cold. i since retired.It’s a great size to take along on trips where a heater might be needed.1/8/14 update — after reading the two informative comments which discuss heat in different parts of the the country, i want to add that I am in Southern California, Los Angeles area, and i don’t know whether this kind of space heater would be adequate in a colder climate.Also, i moved to a different home in 2011. When i wrote the review, i was living in an apartment, in a very mild climate area (Santa Monica). These heaters worked well, both in the closed bedroom and in the rather open living room. Now i live in three bedroom house, in an area where the winter climate is about 10 degrees colder. The central (gas) heating is even less efficient at warming the lower part of the rooms at the house, especially in the large open areas like the living room. To heat the area where i sit in the living room, i have switched from this small space heater to a larger model Lasko space heater,It works well together with the central heating. I still have the smaller heaters in the bedrooms and they are working fine. I think they would be OK in the larger rooms too but i got one of these at OSH because they didn’t have the smaller one. I will add that the tower heater didn’t last nearly as long as the small ones reviewed here have lasted. It stopped working a few months ago. i replaced it through Amazon. The smaller ones are still working after many years.

Excellent Value

I purchased one 40″ and also one 44″ case. I’m giving them 5 stars based on the price of eleven bucks each with free(prime member) two day shipping. For those claiming it’s “a little short”, are you serious?? It clearly says in the description that a 40″ case will hold a 38″ weapon, a 44″ case for a 42″ weapon, etc… If you can’t figure out a tape measure perhaps shouldn’t have access to anything that requires a gun case! Measure your weapon, add 2-3 inches, order accordingly, and it will fit just fine.The padding is more than adequate(3/4 thick all around) and will protect your weapon unless you’re throwing it around. These a not hard cases and are suited for lying flat in the trunk to transport items to the range or hunting area. There is a small tag hook on the muzzle end if you want to hang it up vertically with weapon inside. There is only one zipper pull which ends(zipped closed) at the butt end. It appears there is webbing sewn at the butt end of the zipper so that a zip tie or, possibly, repeat POSSIBLY, a small lock can be utilized. It could just be there to prevent splitting the case but, hey, use it if it works for you. I just paused my review to check it out further. I was, literally, able to slide a AAA battery through the sewn webbing loop. It was tight but doable. The metal zipper pull has a little loop on the end that is 1/4″ wide at its widest(the battery would NOT go through it). If you want something lockable you might be able to do it but don’t plan on it being much of a deterrent.The tag says it floats but, sorry, I’m not going to test it, now or, hopefully, ever, to find out. :) The carry handles are the standard, simple webbing(3/4inch??) and might become uncomfortable with a heavy weapon carried over a long distance. The handles do not have one of those velcro type things that join(sister) them together to form one carry handle.It does not come with, nor is there is a place to attach, a shoulder strap.There are no pockets, zippered or otherwise, for storage.The 40″ case will fit a Ruger 10/22 w/scope (37″ overall length). Regular scope with regular mounts will be fine.The 44″ case will fit a shotgun with a pistol grip w/NO scope(40.5in L x 8in H). I’m going to say “NO”, a scope will NOT fit if you have a pistol grip. A shotgun with a scope but WITHOUT a pistol grip will, I’m sure, work fine.It’s, IMO, perfect for light/moderate use.At eleven bucks, w/free shipping, for my purpose(to/from range & storage) it’s a very good value and a no brainer. I’d gladly buy it again. I’m sure I’d go again at close to twenty.

provides good protection

A little embarrassing, but I didn’t buy this for any sort of sports activity. I actually bought it because I’ve developed a bad habit of hitting my head and cutting my scalp as I work around the house (under a sink, fiddling with cables under my desk, going into the attic). After another annoying experience of cracking my head while lifting a box into my attic, I came to Amazon and bought one of these. I have to say, it definitely instills confidence.It says “Rubber Helmet,” so I was expecting something more flexible. The outer helmet is rigid, but the inner liner is quite soft and compressible, so the fit is pretty comfortable. Mine is snug, and at first it felt like it was going to be too tight, but it didn’t take long to get used to it. I measured my head and used the sizing chart on the product page, and it worked out really well. My helmet does not move around at all on my head even without using the straps, but the straps add another level of security in regards to keeping it from coming off in an impact.I bought this for light impacts as I work around the house, so I can’t speak to how well it holds up in actual sports. It definitely feels solid to me, though, and the internal cushioning feels like it would handle some knocks. I just can’t speak to the overall safety rating.Anyway, at about $35, I definitely feel like I got my money’s worth with this helmet. Solid construction, a fairly comfortable fit, and plenty of protection for my uses all up to a winner for me.

Wanted to love it – just needed to get the right undergarments

I REALLY wanted to love this skirt. I’ve been reading reviews for every style I could find on Amazon and decided I need to bite the bullet and try one. I’m 5’9″ about 150 (28″ waist but I have a sizable butt for my body shape) so I decided to air on the side of caution and get the large, the waist part was definitely big on me although it stayed up. I probably could have gotten away with the medium.In order to have it be a true “maxi” I had to put it on almost exactly like it appears on the model photo, no fold to the waist and I had to pull it a little further down from my waist than the model has it, then it just barely skimmed the floor. You definitely can’t fold the waist if you’re tall so keep that in mind ladies!The fabric is quite nice, very soft and flowing but in the end for me the skirt just doesn’t work. After modeling it in front of a mirror for about 10 minutes I decided I just couldn’t get past the way the clinginess of the fabric seemed to emphasize every dimple and imperfection of my rear. If you have a large booty and are even the slightest bit self conscious about the way it looks then this skirt might not be for you. For those of you that can pull it off, power to you!Also, I ordered the Burgundy and the Caviar and from testing it out in both natural and artificial lighting I don’t think either of them would have any of the see-through issues that some other reviews have mentioned so that probably varies by the color you get. Sadly these will be going back but I’m going to keep hunting to see if I can find a style with a drape that’s a bit more forgiving to my backside.UPDATE: I decided that I liked the skirts too much to give up that easily. Bought a pair of Jockey Skimmies Slipshorts and am now completely satisfied with the way the skirt looks! Will still be sending back to get the right size (medium) for a better fit in the waist and more colors!

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