A nice day

It was a nice day for me but I couldn't stand the heat. I mean, I feel weird sometimes because I complain when the sun is not strong enough. But when summer comes, I complain again and this is not a cool thing. I will just need to buy some eco sunglasses for myself. My cousin already told me what store to look for and I will do that. His sunglasses look cool and I think that I am going to buy the same ones. I will save a lot of time because I will know what to do right away. Otherwise, I would waste a lot of time.

Looking For A New Pair Of Sunglasses?

It never hurts to make sure your eyes are protected from the sun if you plan to be out all day skateboarding. One thing about skateboard sunglasses is that they have a special niche area in the sunglasses realm. Unlike most sunglasses these are designed to be noticed more robustly. Some are made from different types, shades, and grains of wood and you can’t blend in easily wearing those! You will, however get the attention you crave as a skateboarder showing off right?

One of the most comfortable sneakers on the market.

Awesome store where i found this sneaker its truly incredible! Usually a man orders a male shoe or sneaker, and a women orders a female shoe or sneaker. However, some people are born with narrower feet, wider feet, smaller or larger than the average person’s foot. I myself am included in this quest for the perfect-fitting sneaker. Take a look at some more active shoes right here! I have ordered many sneakers in the past, Puma, Nike, New Balance, etc. I have ordered Reebok in the past and they have always been extremely comfortable. However, I have never ordered the Freestyle. I always wanted to when I was in my teens, but the size was always the other issue. As a male I have a tendency to feel slightly awkward buying a women’s sneaker, but I had no choice. The Black Leather Reebok Freestyle-Hi sneaker is a great leather sneaker, the best that I know of. Leather has always contoured the best to my foot, it’s flexible, comfortable and durable. It’s simple, sleek and sexy even. I wear these mostly while I’m motorcycling actually. That’s right, they are so durable that I use them for motorcycling. Absolutely a great leather sneaker. I would also highly recommend (Puma indoor/turf soccer sneakers, Adidas indoor soccer sneaker like Kaiser or Samba). These leather sneakers are built for those who seek narrower sneakers for those who have a medium arch. One of the most comfortable sneakers on the market\ in my opinion! More info on these shoes right here!

Great hoodie for women, too :)

Hear me out. I am a girly girl. I am tall, young, and curvy. I need clothes that will keep me warm in the winter weather, just like anyone does. So this is why I am sick and tired of the sweaters and hoodies for women these days. 10 years ago and before, women’s and men’s sweaters were all roomy like this, but alas….women’s hoodies have now become unbearable. They are too short in length for us “TALL” ladies and barely cover the top edge of our jeans. When I reach over the top of my head, I don’t want my waist exposed…its freaken freezing out there!!! The sweaters are too tight in the chest and makes the material pull and stretch uncomfortably, the hoodies never cover your whole head, and the arms are never long enough to even touch your hands, let alone barely cover your wrists. The sizes are always crazy, because with such tight fits, it is hard to find sweaters for women who need more room for their body to actually MOVE and that will fit over their various body shapes and chests.After buying yet another too-constricting sweater, I finally gave up and bought this hoodie designed for men. I can’t begin to explain how happy I am with it. I took a chance and ordered it in a larger size since it is COTTON, and although it looked GIGANTIC when it arrived, as soon as it was washed it shrunk way down to a comfortable roomy fit. The arms are long enough to even reach and cover my thumbs (YAY!), it fits over my chest with room to move and the hoodie actually covers my whole head….all of which you cant ever seem to accomplish in the same sweater for women. Plus, the color is fantastic!!! It is just as vivid and gorgeous as pictured here. Why cant women’s hoodies be like this too? I will be buying this again, definitely, as I would love to have several to flounce around in this coming winter. Great product!!!

Love this umbrella base width needed

I love love this umbrella. I have a small backyard with wall to wall concrete so you can imagine how hot it can get in the desert. We even reach temps as high as 105 degrees and as low as 40s. Ive only had it for a short while so don’t know about long term but for now it makes my blah backyard fill with color. Sitting under the umbrella is so much cooler and makes me go outside for my afternoon coffee. I bought two of these umbrellas at $41 each it’s a bargain. I checked around local stores thinking the end of the summer will have hot sales… Nope, amazon had the best price.Now, I needed the pole diameter and nobody included that dimensions. To help you guys out it is 1 3/8 inch, not quite 1 1/2 inch in diameter. I couldn’t order the patio set I wanted because I had to make sure it would fit. It’s a good thing I waited to measure the pole since my patio set I wanted had a 1 inch diameter umbrella hole. Lots of people had problems with this umbrella blowing over…. Well, I’ll say that’s obvious because it is so huge. You need a LARGE base to counter balance the air factor. It gets quite windy out here too but with the base I bought it did not budge one bit. I also bought the base on amazon. It is the rolling shade mobile with table accessory in bronze. It is awesome. When you fill the base with 5in red bricks and sand the total weight is over 125lbs so this umbrella was not going nowhere. My second umbrella will go in my patio set with a 25lbs base. I wanted a heavier base for my free standing umbrella and figured the weight of my cast aluminum patio table with the 25lbs base would be sufficient for the second umbrella. Two umbrellas one on wheels to chase the sun makes my backyard so beautiful!

Great 1st sneaker for serious play

After my children started going to playschool, I realized they needed more heavy duty shoes to accommodate the school’s policy of letting them play outside in wet weather. Also, because my kids are only 2.5 years old they never watch where they’re walking. I ended up buying a pair of croc rain boots for truly rainy days and these Tsukihoshi shoes for everyday. I really like the build of these shoes. They are well padded, tough, built well, and yet are still somewhat flexible for my kids feet. I never saw them slip in these shoes and I don’t worry about them hurting their feet on gravel. Both munchkins can put the shoes on themselves and mostly get them fastened correctly. After 3 months of use the shoes came home yesterday caked in mud. I threw them in the washer (in a lingerie bag to reduce the banging) and let them dry on the counter. They look almost like new. These are the most expensive shoes I’ve bought for my children but I think they are a worthy investment.Edit 8/12: My kids have graduated to the next size up and the original shoes still look almost brand new. I ended up washing them almost twice a week for the last few months but they look great. I bought the kids the same style, new colors, in the next half size up since the full size looked a bit too big to me. My little tester could walk in the next full size up but there was enough slide room that I thought the half size was justified. The half size up fits perfectly.Edit 8/13: My kids are 4 now and they still use this exact style and brand for their everyday “school” shoes. They’re wearing the size 10′s and I went back through my history to check, but it seems that my kids usually outgrow each size between 7 to 3 months. I step them up through the half sizes too, so if I used the whole sizes only they’d probably get more wear. The 3 month count was a spurt of crazy growth (all those pants, outgrown and almost like new!), the 6 month mark is more normal. I stick to the darker shoe colors now so they don’t fade with the constant washing. Tip: take out the sole liners and shake the shoes out, then replace liners before washing. It cuts down on the sand and rocks in your washer.Note: I read that some people think these shoes wear out too fast. It might depend on the surfaces the child walks on: our playschool has no asphalt in their playground, just grass, dirt, gravel and sand.Note2: My kids are currently using the purple/pink sneakers and the pink/red sneakers. They get wet and dirt covered at least twice a week and I wash them about 3x a week. I noticed the pink one is starting to look a little faded in areas of high wear. The purple, however, looks bright and new. The chocolate/pink ones they used prior to these still look bright and new (worn on bottom but tops really nice).

Excellent value. Size matters when flying.

Just what I was looking for – a large, one-compartment bag under 62 linear inches. Perfect for flying with bulky camping gear. Plus lots of small pockets for the easy-to-lose stuff.QUALITY: Can’t vouch for how it will hold up over the years yet, but the quality (material, zippers, wheels, etc.) is similar to the bag I’m replacing, which held up for several flights over 10+ years. I’m sure the $100+ bags are more heavy-duty, but this one seems great for the money. I expect it to last as long as the old one.SIZE: There is some discrepancy with the specs on the web. Mine measures 28.5″x14.1″x14.8″ on the outside, including the wheels, but not the straps & pockets (I posted a customer images with rulers). That’s 57.4 linear inches. Size is important because I want the biggest bag I can get without exceeding the airline’s 62″ checked bag limit. And since duffels tend to puff out when packed (especially when stuffing the pockets), I feel this bag is the perfect size. Also note: Be careful about the weight too. Large bags like this are easy to exceed the 50 lb airline weight limit, so be careful when packing heavy items. (Note: Weight of empty bag about 6.5 lbs.).WARRANTY: There is some discrepancy about the warranty too. Amazon doesn’t mention it. eBags.com says 10 years. The tag on my bag says 2 years, immediately followed by “Luggage America, Inc. warrants this product from defects in materials and/or workmanship for 5 years”. I posted an image of the tag. Good luck figuring that out. Hope I don’t need to.SUMMARY: Very nice bag for the price. Seems well made, but time will tell. I will post updates if I have any problems. I’m sure more expensive bags are better, but I’m giving it 5 stars for value, size, and features.Hope it helps. See my customer images (Note: customer images seem to be difficult to get to for this product. Click on “See all customer images” underneath the pictures). Appreciate the feedback.

Economical option

Let’s start off with the fact that I’m a full grown adult. For some reason I decided I needed a Stormtrooper helmet to wear with my Utilikilt. I know… an odd combination to some, but makes perfect sense to me. I started looking for helmets here on Amazon and found the one I wanted. Only problem was it costs $150. I actually put it in my wish list to ponder whether I’d be willing to part with $150 for something that I wasn’t going to wear that often. Finally decided to go with the economy version and bought this one.First, as others have pointed out, the helmet that ships isn’t the one in the photo. The black perforated eye areas actually have smoked gray plastic lenses (thankfully). Most everything else seems to be pretty accurate. Also, as others have pointed out, the helmet is in 4 pieces that don’t stay together very well. You’ll want some krazy glue or duct tape to make sure you’re not fighting with it if you drop it or are a little rough on it. Even when it’s put together I can see a bit of a gap on the seam that runs across the top. Not a huge deal as most people won’t be able to see it, but it’s there.I’d still like to have one of the better helmets, but until somebody smacks me on the bum with a golden spoon I’ll settle for the $22 version. BTW, I also ordered a Stormtrooper white t-shirt (that looks like the torso of the stormtrooper armor) to wear with it. Found it here on Amazon as well for about $20.

throughly tested and approved!

I have been using it for about 3 months now…I can only compare it to the “ab roller” which Ive had before and the power wheel ( look it up on amazon) a more advanced ab roller…some points…1. if you have carpet or a mat, it works nicely/rolls smoothly2. handles are ergonomic, I believe3. you can lean to side for an oblique workout, however, the hand clearance is ridiuloucly low to the floor when I tried it, this is not a deal breaker for me, because my goal is not to build ANY oblique musle whatsoever4. I don’t care for the gray rubber knee protector the I received with it – its to wide and feels weird to me! Instead I use a yoga mat ( folded a couple times to make it even thicker) I got off amazon, for $20 bucks, this gives my knees plenty of cushion,and allows me to keep my knees tightly together and feet off the ground, when I roll forward.5. I would recomend it for beginners to intermediate because it has a coil the helps return the wheel back to starting position, it sounds like spagetti is inside the wheel, but it works decent…My routine is to use this and an ab lounge ( not being made anymore as far as I know)My Routine:I do 3 sets of 20 on each machinein addition to 30 minutes of eliptical/cardio each day ( no days off for the most part) for 3 months and have lost 24 pounds…diet consists of about 1500 cal/day max ( according to Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) ) I should intake about 3100 /cal a dayI have about 16 pounds to go ( 2 more months) to my target weight of 186 ( from 226), that is how I am losing weight!in about 4 months, my abs have gone from blah, to KA-BOOM! …after I melt away about another 16 pounds….I expect to REALLY SEE these ABS that lie under my viseral/flank fatGoogle: How to Get Rid of Flank Fat for a good article at website livestrong related to your abs!those that say an ab wheel or ab lounge doesn’t work eithera. doesn’t do it long enoughb. doesn’t implement the correct diet w/ their work out programc. both a and bNote: if this is the first time your are doing this exercise,your AB muscles will be CRYING ( WAA WAHH WAHHH)( in other words: hurting) for the first week or so, just bare through the pain or do a couple of times a week if it is too painful , in time, you will “wake your muscles up” , after about 2 weeks you won’t feel pain anymore, unless of course you take a month or two off, then you will be right back where you started!!!Another TIP: if you need the ab carver to give you more resistence( push back/ help you), you should “pre” roll the wheel then while holding it securely, set it back down in your starting position,, you will notice that the wheel, will then produce more resistence thus making it easier for you, you will also notice it does have a stopping point if you “pre” rool it too much which make be a good thing or bad thing depending on the user!I will post a video review/clip explaining this TIP in the future!

Good Buy, Worth The Money

Check out this incredible furniture store where i found this awesome entertainment center. Put this together with my 13 yr. old, was a nice project – wasn’t hard to assemble but did take some time and you need some space to lay it down, also make sure you have that second person to help stand it up when it’s completed (you can’t do it alone, no matter how strong you are, because you don’t want to break anything, or crack it.) Overall we love it, it’s sitting on carpet and even though it’s not secured to the wall yet, we haven’t had any problems. It looks really nice in my son’s room, with a futon couch in front. Color is nice and rich/dark, looks just like the photo. Remember to pay attention to the weight limits on the shelves. We have lots of gaming consoles and other items on the shelves and it’s great for keeping everything organized. I wouldn’t put it in a living room only because there are no doors to hide the items on the lower shelves (that’s just my opinion, having all the gaming consoles, dvd player, etc. showing looks a little messy.) Otherwise, it’s great for a tv room or kid’s room, very happy we bought it!I’ll probably end up getting another one of these for my daughter’s room, it’s inexpensive and creates a space where items “belong” rather than having a ton of games and movies thrown all over the floor ;) More info on this enetertainment center can be found here.