How to Take Proper Care of Virus Contact Lenses?

Being a regular wearer of lenses, you must have been informed of its safe handling measures by your optician. But virus contact lenses deserves and demands even more careful handling as they are extremely soft and fragile. You need to memorize the following guidelines while using circle lenses. 


•    Before touching the lens, wash your hands thoroughly.

•    While wearing or removing your lenses, use only your fingertips and refrain from using finger your nails or any other sharp object.

•    Always keep your lenses in contact lens solution in the lens case for a minimum of 2-4 hours before use.

free ebooks that offer short stories

free ebooks online are filled with short stories that I personally prefer to read compared to hundreds of pages of novels. While many people are hooked up reading series, I am content with reading short stories and most of the time, I tend to find them in free ebooks. This is definitely a great thing for me because the short stories I read are free of charge. So I get to enjoy them without worrying about the costs or money spent. And it is especially a great thing for me because I really love short stories than typical lengthy novels. I get to understand and be more engaged in what I am reading when they are short stories.


If you are looking for the greatest online first person shooter multiplayer experience then this is the game you NEED to buy. I’ve had the game since release day and I’ve racked up 160+ hours of online play.Graphics: The graphics on ps4 are unbelievable. If you have ps4, this game is worth playing for the graphics alone. The maps are very detailed and there’s plenty of customization options. When a rocket gets shot at you, you hear the exact noise you’d expect from a movie. Bullets zip past your head and explosions are plentiful. Almost everything on the map can be destroyed, including the ground itself.Maps: Depending on the game mode you like, the maps are varied in size. I will be basing this off of the game mode conquest. All of the maps except one are filled with vehicles. 3 types of choppers, 2 types of jets, 2 types of boats, 3 types of tanks and several vehicles for transport only (quad bikes, jet skis, jeeps etc.) The best part is, you don’t have to waste your time trying to get 8 kills in a row to earn a chopper. They’re all waiting for you at your deployment and throughout the map. These maps are MASSIVE. if you were to run end to end it would take probably 10 – 15 minutes. Due to the length of time that games usually last, there really is plenty of maps. It would probably take 5 hours to play through all of the maps in one sitting on conquest. There isn’t a single map that I truly hate. They’re all so large that you can really do anything you want. If you wanna run and gun, sit back and snipe, fly choppers, drive boats and tanks or destroy everything, it’s all possible on nearly every map.Levelution: Easily one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen in a video game. In one level you can blast open a dam and flood the map, on another map you can take down a massive skyscraper or massive sniper towers, or crash an aircraft carrier into an island. It almost creates a whole new way to play the map. For example, one of the objectives is at the top of the skyscraper; having trouble taking the objective back? Take the building down and eliminate elevator campers.Weapons: There’s well too many to list. There’s snipers, assault rifles, submachine guns, semiautomatic rifles, light machine guns, shotguns, pistols, knives, grenadesCustomization: I think the only thing you can’t customize is your player’s gender. You can change the camouflage (probably about 50 different camos) of your uniform, vehicles, and weapons. There’s also about 20 different scopes and sights you can put on your guns, and things like lasers, flashlights, suppressors and even different types of ammo for certain guns.Pros:+ number of weapons+ number of customizations+ amount of maps+ vehicles+ levelution+ 32 vs 32 player games+ excellent graphics+ dlc released fairly quickCons:- maps can be overwhelming- very difficult to snipe at times- choppers are too easily destroyed- no parties (you have to join a friends game to play with them) this is by far the most frustrating feature not included in the game.- crashes – haven’t experienced it on ps4 yet, but on ps3 it was seriously ridiculous.- takes forever to level up in the higher levels- difficult to get kills occasionally- spawning in to a death (unfortunately occurs fairly often due to the option to spawn on squad members)Honestly, it’s very hard to write a review for battlefield 4 because there’s well too many things to talk about. If this review hasn’t provided enough to give you some idea of whether you should buy it or not then be sure to check out youtube videos or other reviews. Make sure to check out this site for detailed information on weapons, maps, vehicles etc: [...]Hopefully this was helpful. Feel free to leave comments if you have questions, feedback or if you just want to be a hater that’s fine too!****UPDATE****I’ve just completed the campaign of the highest difficulty, and honestly it’s easier than any of the COD campaigns and could easily be completed in 6-8 hours depending on skill level. Some things to note: there are 3 different endings which are all dependent on what you choose in the final mission, and there are multiple weapons and dog tags to collect in every level (each level unlocks can be used in multiplayer as well). Honestly, I found the campaign to be a lot of fun. There weren’t really any segments that were overly challenging which was a nice change of pace from most fps campaigns. Your health regenerates very quickly, your squad members are willing to help you if you command them to. I also liked the idea of earning bronze, silver or gold medals in every level. My biggest complaint of single player is the fact that the guy you play as has no dialogue! I mean was it really that difficult to cast someone! I just found it really annoying when characters would say something to me and my guy never had a response to anything. One last complaint is there is no cooperative option. For nearly every mission you have at least one AI controlled squad member, so… why not let a friend play be that character? Overall, decent campaign but don’t get too excited about it.

THE best flip-flops…

If you love flip-flops, but have never tried Havaianas, then you need to! They are the best flip-flop hands down. My first pair lasted about 10 yrs before they finally started to show wear and tear, so paying $20+ for them is worth it. I have bought the other cheap, foam-like, no-name brands before and 1) they look cheap, 2) they only last a season before they need to be replaced and 3) they get dirty/stained really easily. Havaianas are made out of a patented rubber that makes them incredibly durable, stain resistant and comfortable. Not to mention, the designs and colors are absolutely adorable. I have had pairs for years and the design on the sole is still vibrant—no fading or rubbing off.The “Top” style fits like a standard flip-flop. These are the “Slims” and they are narrower with a thinner strap. I find these just as comfortable as the “Top” style with a dressier look. Do note, that if you have a wide foot the “Slims” are not for you. I have small feet, fairly narrow and my foot just fits. I feel Havaianas tend to run big, as I normally wear a size 6 in every other shoe, but wear a US 4/5 (Brazilian 35/36) in Havaianas. I currently own 7 pairs, and will probably get more.Edit: To those complaining about size issues…I recommend measuring the length in inches of a pair of flip-flops you already own that fit (from longest part of the toe to heel). Use this measurement when looking at the size chart on the Havaianas website to determine what size you should order.

Solid Pump With Respectable Flow

I got this pump to serve a utility function on an as-needed basis and it has performed flawlessly so far. Here are some features I have discovered through use:Pros:* Solid performance: I recently used this pump to clear out water that had accumulated in my backyard due to heavy rains. It worked perfectly and quickly using a 50 ft. garden hose attached to the adapter that comes with the unit. The volume of flow appeared to match what was advertised. This unit can effectively clear a flooded basement, a small pool, clogged bathtub, etc.* Quiet operation: This pump can be used in a sump, but it can also be used to power a water fountain of decent size. It is very quiet during operation, producing a low hum. While I’ve not yet used the pump to move water to significant elevation, I have been impressed at how much water it moves without sounding like it’s making an effort.* Built-in screen: This unit has a built-in screen at the bottom, made of plastic and held on by screws. Anything smaller than the mesh just passes harmlessly through the pump and on out. If the screen becomes clogged, it can be removed and cleaned or the unit can be backflushed to clear any blockage.* Versatile: This pump is rated for continuous-duty, but it also works very well as a back-up pump or for emergencies, sitting on a shelf ready when you need it. I use it for emergencies and projects and it’s really handy to have. Like another reviewer, I use an apparatus that makes it easy to just grab it and go when needed: My pump lives in a five gallon plastic paint bucket that has had four, 1.5″ holes drilled on the sides (evenly spaced at the very bottom, at 12, 3, 6, and 9 O’Clock), and lined with 1/4″ galvanized hardware cloth. The holes in the sides of the bucket let the water in, and the hardware cloth screen out the larger bits of leaves, etc. Keeping the pump in the bucket allows me to transport it easily and lower it by the handle when I need to. The pump also includes a hose adapter that screws onto the 1.5 MIP outlet. Nice!* Decent and tough cord: Mine came with the standard 10′ long electrical cord, which is long enough for my purposes. It’s stiff, though, made of a material that loses all flexibility when it’s cold. In the hot sunshine, it coils up better, but in the cold it can be a pain. (Which is also why I store the pump in the bucket: It makes it easy to stuff the cord in when it doesn’t feel like coiling up nicely.* Durable but Light: The housing is made up entirely of thermoplastic. This makes for a pump that is light but also durable. While not as heavy duty as some others, the housing is well-matched to the relatively small motor, which also draws very lightly from house current. I have used this on many occasions and it has always worked without a hiccup. For its size and duty rating, I have been impressed.Cons:* Cord can be stiff, especially at colder temps.Other Thoughts:When using the hose adapter for the outflow, I use Teflon tape; The adapter does not form a tight seal against the outlet pipe and the pressure of the pump is sufficient to create a decent leak or spray of water from this point. Another benefit of using Teflon tape here is that it also makes the adapter easier to take off. Also, this particular model does not have a float – it turns on when you plug it in, so consider that if you are looking for one with a float-actuated switch.This pump is unique in that it can easily be found servicing a fountain (residential or commercial), or doing residential sump pump duty, or serving as a homeowner or contractor’s utility pump.While this pump is not as heavy duty as many others, it is a solid and respectable performer. It has proven extremely durable and useful for its size, and the price makes it an outstanding value. Given its flexibility, usefulness, and value, I find it easy to give this a five star rating and can recommend it. I would definitely buy this pump again if I had to do it over as I have found no other that matches the capability, reliability, and durability at this price.

Gremlin Full Eye Contacts: Types

There is a wide range of colored contact lenses available nowadays for those who want them. In case you are going for these Gremlin full eye contacts, you need to choose ones which suit the natural color of your eyes. You can find both dark and light colored lenses to choose from. If you plan to wear them for a special occasion such as Halloween, you can choose from lenses which have ‘special effects’ such as changing color. Some lenses can even make your eyes look like those of cats or other animals! So, no matter how wacky a person you are, you can always find wackier lenses for yourself!

Wood Sunglasses Are A One Of A Kind

I have a friend that showed up with a pair of wooden glasses one day, and they were prescription. I thought they were the coolest thing in the world. I don’t wear glasses, but I do wear sunglasses. So, I wanted to look and see if they had wood sunglasses as well. Guess what! They do, and I just got my pair the other day. The whole idea behind them is they help save the Earth. My sunglasses are the envy of all my other friends, and now more people have been ordering them.

Great reception – sounds good – well built

I bought this radio to replace the Sony ICF-S79V. I liked the Sony, but the top skin covering the buttons broke down over time and rendered it inoperable. Previous to wearing out, the Sony was replaced under warranty for an issue with the top skin coming off and causing inoperable buttons as well.Lest you think this is a review of the Sony, I will now describe the Sangean’s strengths and weaknesses relative to the Sony. To wit, the Sangean doesn’t sound as good, but it’s decent. I am a veteran audiophile and musician and I can live with it happily. It just has a smaller speaker than the Sony and it shows in the overall timbre as being weaker on the bottom end. But then again, I had no illusions of this being anything but a radio for the shower, and what sound is there is pleasant enough. The speaker grille is louvered to protect the speaker element from water coming in a downward direction and this directs the sound downward, as well. For best sound, mount the radio at or above ear level (although I didn’t as I wanted my children to be able to reach it).Reception is almost as good as my GE Superadio III. That’s saying alot. There is no suction cup included for the rubber coated flexible wire antenna (as the Sony has), but the Sangean is more forgiving about antenna positioning, so not a huge deal. I can just let it hang and still pick up the weakest Christian radio stations in my mountainous area. Pretty impressive.The perceived build quality is way better than the Sony, so I feel like the higher price was justified. It just seems like it was built to last.Other likes:> the momentary backlighting> the large numerals on the display> the mounting plate that allows easy removal> has enough volume and high frequency detailto be heard over my blow dryer (barely)Bottom line: If there’s a better shower radio out there, I’d sure like to know about it. Until then, I’ll be quite happy with the Sangean.

Used to hike at Whistler – stood up very well to the advanced conditions!

I went on a day hike with some friends at Whistler during this fall/autumn season. We took some black-diamond trails, which meant its conditions were much more advanced and challenging. There were many steep and rocky areas to climb up and through. Having the various tips and the anti-shock springs came in handy. For the first part of the hike we were trailing considerably behind a more senior couple that kicked our butts up the mountain. When we finally reached the top, they let us know that they were in their 80′s, and then scolded my friend and I for not using our poles (they noticed they were just tucked into our backpacks – and I’ll mention at this time that they were light and packed-up nicely). After the scolding and seeing with my own eyes how using poles will make such a big difference over the years, I committed to using them for the rest of the hike, and all future hikes! The only negative, which previous reviewers warned about, is that the compass built into the handle of each pole does not seem to work very well. I knew this when buying the poles, and I didn’t think it was a big enough deal to downgrade the rating. It is a nice feature if BAFX Products does decide to provide working compasses, but definitely not a deal breaker. This is a great product, and I recommend it to anyone. In fact, I plan to buy another pair for my 6-foot tall husband. I’m 5-feet tall, and we already tested that it’s fully adjustable to work for both of our heights.

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