Having doubts

Recently, I went to visit a good friend of mine that I have not seen in a while. We sat in her living room, and we chatted about different things, when suddenly, I noticed a great pair of sunglasses on the small table next to the couch. I asked her where she had bought them from, and that is when she introduced me to this great brand that goes by the name of Proof Eyewear. When I went home, I searched for the website, and I immediately fell in love with the wood sunglasses collection. I am still having doubts whether I should get the Chaplin or the Lunar model.

Interesting sunglasses

I live in the Idaho area and I am really proud of that fact, as I can often go to that great store that is known as Proof Eyewear. The store is specialized in selling sunglasses and wallets, as well as other interesting collections that are made of materials that are eco-friendly. The last time I was at the store was last month and I bought a pair of wooden sunglasses. Ever since then, I've been wearing them on a regular basis and I can tell that people around me find them interesting. My sister even said that she would buy a pair for herself.

Best friends forever

She was so surprised when I gave her the amazing wood sunglasses I had bought for her as a gift for helping me when I most needed someone. She was there for me in my most difficult time and she was helping me with everything. I couldn't forget that, so I wanted to give her something special that would always remind her of me. She took the gift with tears in her eyes and we both hugged promising that we would be always here for each other. She still wears the sunglasses and that means they are a high quality product. Also, they fit her with every clothing and they are very trendy.

Sunglasses from my past

We were sitting in Frank's yard. He was having a party. It wasn't a big party. Tina was wearing wooden sunglasses. I was staring at her because they were similar to my ex-girlfriend's sunglasses. I didn't know why, but I was angry at her. Jenna was sitting next to Tina and she was asking her about the sunglasses. Tina said she had bought them online. I had a strange idea that she had borrowed them from my ex-girlfriend. They were still friends. I wasn't sure if those were the same sunglasses. I bought her those sunglasses six months before the party. I just wanted to get my hands on them.

The Best Mattress And Furniture Shops

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New Store

I just got home from work and I can't wait to get these sunglasses off my face. My nose hurts so bad I can barely touch it. I have to get rid of my old sunglasses. But I don't want to buy some ordinary sunglasses and throw them away in a few months. If I buy a new pair of sunglasses, I demand quality. I heard that the brand Proof opened a new store in Chicago and everybody says that they have a wide variety of wood sunglasses at a reasonable price. All of them are made from eco-friendly materials, and most of them are handmade. I got to go later to check out their collection.

My brother

I love my brother. He is seven years older than me, and he is a fashion model. He lives in New York City, and I always visit him when I have the chance. Just recently, I made him cry. It was his birthday, and I bought him the most amazing pair of wooden sunglasses. I found them on the Internet, and I knew he would like them because they are amazing. He was very happy with my gift and he could not believe that he had never seen sunglasses made out of wood in his life. I am so happy that I chose the perfect gift.

Nice skateboard sunglasses

I don't know what sunglasses to buy for my little cousin. I mean, he is not so little. He is a teenager and I hope that I will be able to wear them. I think that it would be a good idea to buy skateboard sunglasses for him since he is a skater. I didn't even know that such sunglasses exist. Well, this means that I am getting old and that's why I need to do something about it. I am not going to tell my cousin about his present because I want it to be a surprise. I hope that he will like them.

New sunglasses

I wanted to buy new sunglasses so I decided to check the internet for a webpage that sells sunglasses. That is how I found a webpage about a company called Proof Eyewear. I really liked the wooden sunglasses they offer. I especially liked the sunglasses that have unique frames. I think I am going to buy them. My sister already has a pair of sunglasses from this company and she thinks they are simply amazing. I am sure these glasses are going to look fabulous on me. I can't wait to buy them. I am sure the other girls at work are going to be jealous and they would want my sunglasses.

Love/Hate relationship (updated review +1 Star)

I just picked up a fitbit one yesterday and I must say this little thing really impressed me.It has motivated me to walk more, to climb stairs instead of taking the elevator, and it has also motivated me to watch my calorie intake.The device is pretty accurate. I counted my steps, then i looked at my fitbit one and it was spot on.… unless you drive a lot…So why the three stars?Because if you wear the fitbit while you are driving then your “steps” count will be way off. If the road is uneven or as they had it in their website, car has “stiff suspension” (they had transmission on their website but i think they meant suspension) it’ll start adding steps taken while you are driving. This is a huge flaw of the fitbit device. So my first day with the fitbit I noticed that my steps are over 2000. And when I left my house it was barely at 1000. So they gotta update this or put a feature that has “driving mode” so that it stops counting steps. Because keeping track of the time you start driving to the time you end and then logging it is to much work.But all in all it is a good device. It really has motivated me to be more active.1 month update:I have gotten used to the tracker counting my steps while I am driving and it is really not a big deal anymore. After awhile you just get used to it.Features I Like:- The automatic syncing feature if you are 10-15 feet away. Just recently I lost my fitbit. But when i opened up ‘fitbit connect’ and clicked on ‘sync now’ it would search for my device and it would locate it. So I knew it was somewhere in my room. And with the help of the ‘silent alarm’ I was able to set it, and locate where it was when the alarm went off (it vibrates)- How hidden it is from the world. I usually just put it in the small pocket in my jeans and then forget it about until I need to check it or need to clip on to something else.- The messages it tells you when you pick up the fitbit when it is not sensing movement. The messages the fitbit display really does motivate you to be more active.- Battery life- I usually go for a week and a half to 2 weeks without charging.- The Fitbit holder/clip- I like the feel of it. When I clip the fitbit to the pocket of my shorts when I do Insanity or play basketball,it stays in place really well. Never had it fall out.- That the Fitbit goes together with MyFitnessPal.- The Badges- Also gives you an incentive to be more active. Gotta work hard to get those badges! lol.- Customer Service: I emailed them on a Saturday and they got back to me on Monday (Only open from Monday to Friday). They even had a follow up email to ask how the customer service went.Just a tip (if this ever happens to you): There are times that I was trying to sync my Fitbit but when it would search for the device a message would come up that would say “Device could not be located. Make sure it has enough battery and that the display turns on.” If you ever get that message and do not know how to fix it (I was searching everywhere and was getting very frustrated)then do what I did. Turn it off and then turn it back on. Then it should be fixed and automatically sync again.Oh yeah. And it would also be nice if they can work on making the syncing feature with the android app.I have upped my review to 4 stars. I cannot leave my house without grabbing my Fitbit device. I even had a friend tell me after seeing my device, that if the Fitbit One was out at the beginning of the year he would’ve passed on the Nike FuelBand.