Second version of this basic printer

Got the HP 1000 from Walmart on a closeout a few months back. My husband wanted one too so I was glad to see this model on special a few weeks ago..When we got the unit I took the new one and gave husband my old one, mainly because I print a lot more than he does. **READ THIS** Do NOT install the USB cord connecting the printer to the computer until you are done with everything else..follow the instructions and connect the USB cord LAST !! Also, you will save ink if you don’t install any software that communicates with HP over the internet. As other posters mentioned, you need to buy a USB cord separately..the unit doesn’t include the cord.. but that’s OK.. The printer and the $5 cord add up to free shipping. Another thing I found different from the HP 1000 unit was the ink was harder to get into the machine. Just make sure you hear the “click” when you push the ink cartridge into the unit.The HP 1000 had a better graphic on a sticker showing how to do that.. I don’t print color very often so I set the option on Black Ink Grayscale. You can change this when you want to print color but mostly I print text and when I purchase something off the internet. This is a good basic stand alone doesn’t hold much paper but it’s easy enough to refill the paper slot. My daughter ordered one too and we are all happy with it.

7 month review

03/28/2014*7 month review*For the past 210 days, this bag has held up to repeated abuse in the form of rainstorms, heavy loads, and rough handling. I am still amazed at the durability of this pack relative to its price point. I highly recommend it to both the casual weekender and the dedicated backpacker.*60 day review*In the two months that I have owned this pack, I have used it DAILY to haul anything I can put in it. I was even able to fit a Wal-Mart twin sized air mattress (yes, in the box) into it. As I noted in my 30-day review, the bag’s adjustable straps are beginning to fray after such use. In addition, the stitching that connects some of the straps to the pack is beginning to show signs of wear from heavy, frequent loads.If you’re only planning on using this pack for the occasional weekend jaunt into the local state park, you needn’t worry about the kind of issues I’m experiencing. As I’ve mentioned previously, I am a bike commuter, so I necessarily rely very heavily on this bag and regularly stuff it to full capacity (which, I’ll add, I’m still quite impressed with). It IS water resistant, as evidenced by my frequent trips to work and back in heavy rain. I still highly recommend this bag.Email me at if you want pictures to get a better look at the condition of the pack.02/26/2014I’ve had this pack for nearly a month now and I’m still fairly satisfied with it. I’m a bike commuter and I wear this bag daily and use it to haul groceries and clothing, so I’ve certainly tested its weight limits and carrying capacity. One minor issue I’ve noticed is that the adjustable straps used to hitch the pack higher or lower are beginning to fray. Again, I do use this pack daily and it IS just a $30 backpack, so I suppose I can’t complain. 90 day review forthcoming.This backpack is cavernous and comfortable. I’d feel comfortable putting a lot of weight in it if I had to. But regarding the hip straps: are they supposed to fit across the torso or down nearer the waist? I’ve read some reviews that lead me to believe the hip straps are sitting up too high for me and should instead go around my waist.

Great color, but not as sturdy as it looks.

Got this in boysenberry and loved it at first. Didn’t even mind when the leather tabs fell off the zipper pulls within the first week. Still didn’t mind when the fabric liner started to fray within the first month.The honeymoon was over by the 4th month, however, when the strap detached from one side of the body of the bag.The fabric strap itself was just fine, as was the metal ring at the end of the strap. But the shorter leather piece holding the ring to side panel of the body of the purse had only a few millimeters of clearance and stitching. So the leather piece popped out from the top edge of the side panel–still attached firmly to the ring like a sad little pendant--and the newly-liberated strap slithered off of my shoulder as the purse fell to the ground.Tried to make the best of it for the rest of the day by pulling the fabric strap through the free ring and tying it in a knot, holding the looped strap in one hand…but about an hour later the other ring popped off, too. So now I had a rather awkward clutch bag instead.I don’t expect a $50 purse to hold up like a $200 purse, but 4 months is quite disappointing. I’ve bought purses in the $50-100 range from Stone Mountain that lasted for years despite carrying even heavier contents.If the leather piece in the side panel of this SAK purse had been an inch or two longer, with more stitching along that length for added strength and stability, it probably could have held up just as long as the Stone Mountain ones.

Attractive and Long Enough

This sweater only has two shortcomings. 1. The pockets are knitted patches with 1/2″ edges folded under on three sides. These folded over edges show because the pockets sag. This problem could be eliminated with a little matching color thread and about 10 minutes. One could sew those flaps to the sagging pocket. The flaps would then sag with the pocket and be unnoticeable. 2. It is a loose knit. A light colored shirt underneath shows through.It has many strengths. 1. It covers my hips. I don’t know why department stores have started carrying such short sweaters, but I had a heck of a time finding the length I wanted. 2. It is not picky, but soft. 3. The colors were exactly as described, the black is very black and the beige/taupe is a very neutral color that goes with everything. 4. The buttons are big brown plastic tings, non offensive and easy to maneuver. 5. I have long arms and legs. These sleeves are long enough for me. The cuff is sewn in place, so you never have to worry about the cuffs coming unfolded, causing the sleeve length to change. 6. It washes well. I hung it up damp. It did not get stiff or misshapened at all.It is important not to ever wash this sweater with towels or blankets. Just regular wear is going to casue it to pill. You would need a sweater shaver if it ever went through the laundry with a blanket or other fuzzy object.

Theses boots required very little break in period. They are awesome!

I’m a U.P.S. Delivery driver and I’m constantly going through shoes. I normally buy black walking shoes as it is required that we wear brown or black polishable footwear. I’ve been wearing the walking shoes for about 6 years because when I started the job I tried to wear work boots ,which UPS encourages for safety reasons, but my feet just weren’t having it. I easily wear out the walking shoes in 2 1/2 to 3 months. Walking shoes were always cheaper in price and always comfortable but as I’ve got a little older I have become increasingly more concerned with protecting my feet with a sturdier shoe without sacrificing comfort. I think I have found it in these wolverine raiders. I have a wide foot and was able to order the correct size and width here on Amazon and cheaper than at retail stores I looked it. When I received them they looked great and because of the good reviews I was eager to try them on. Because of my previous problems with work boots hurting my feet and sometimes even giving me blisters I was afraid to take them straight out into the field, as depending on the route we can walk anywhere from 3 1/2 to 5 1/2 miles a day. So for a few days I wore them around the house and to run errands and was pleasantly surprised to find that my feet felt great from the first day. No pain. No blisters. No rubbing. But the true test would be working in them. The first day I wore them to work I took my old shoes just in case the boots would begin to get uncomfortable ,but I never had to use them. These boots worked out great from the first day and I enjoy the added ankle protection and ability to polish them up so they look good as we’ll. I took extra steps to cushion them though because going from walking shoes that have cushions of air in the soles to work boots that have a firm rubber sole left my feet slightly achy after a couple days but with a good insole and recommendations from older driver to double-sock it the achy feeling went away. I’ll post and update later on their longevity because if I can get 5 months out of them that would be great.

A Video Review of the Nikon D3200 Camera

I will have to warn you, before investing too much time in this review you should understand that I have geared it for the novice/Intermediate photographer and not for the advanced user. I say that because the D3200 is certainly a camera that is worthy for an advanced or professional photographer. In fact, the D3200 is a marvel since it is possible for a novice to take professional looking photographs with only a few hours of study, but it will also allow a professional all of the capability that they would want for premium quality prints.Notes -Image Quality – Absolutely top-notch – the Nikon D3200 takes super crisp photos with excellent color representation. The additional functionality allows more advanced users to maximize light, shutter speed, and zoom/focal points.Why 24.2MP? – Why does someone want a camera with such high resolution? Well the answer is pretty straight-forward. A high resolution camera will allow you to zoom and crop any portion of your photograph without worrying about the image becoming grainy. This will allow you to zoom to a small area of interest and blow-it-up to a full scale print.Multiple ISO Sensitivity Settings – The various ISO settings allow for changing light sensitivity without loss of image quality. This is similar to the “speed setting” of film cameras and the 100,400, etc films of previous years.- Fit and Functionality – The Nikon D3200 feels great in you hands. While it is not *pocket sized* compared to the cheaper smaller cameras it is still light enough that you will not be fatigued after a day of shooting.- Outputs/Inputs – The Nikon D3200 has inputs for a mic and GPS and it has HDMI and a standard AV output.- VIdeo – The D3200 will take up to 20minutes of video at 1080P – the video quality is excellent…. I am not sure I would call it the equivalent of a full 1080P camcorder (Due to image stabilization and frame speed) it will certiainly work in a pinch.- Burst Mode – The camera will take 4photos/second in a burst. This will help you find the *right* shot even during an accidental blink. If you have never used a camera with burst mode you will be amazed at how much easier this makes in taking photos of children.Buffer – The Nikon D3200 has an internal buffer of (up to) 100 photos. This will allow you take a multitude of high resolution photos without having to wait for the camera to write to your memory card. On the topic of memory cards you will certainly only want to buy class 10 memory cards.Camera Modes -- Portrait – Used for Portraits with soft natural-looking skin tones. If the subject is far from the camera the background details will be softened.- Night Portrait – Use for a natural balance between the main subject and the background in portraits taken in low light.- Landscape – For vivid landscape shots when ample light is present.- Sports – Fast shutter speeds freeze motion in order to capture fast acting sports moments.- Close-up – For close up photos of flowers, photos, and small images taken at very close range.- Child Use for snapshots of children. Clothing and background details are vividly rendered while skin tones remain soft and natural.Final Verdict – Whether you a re a novice, intermediate, or advanced photographer you will likely be very pleased with the Nikon D3200. While you will need to spend a few hours with the manual all levels of photographers will be able to take stunning photographs. Highly Recommended!5 Stars

Durable, Comfortable enough for a woman, able to be sized for a man

This is one of the most durable backpacks I have ever owned! I bought it for college, because as an engineer I carry around waaay too many thick heavy books. This bag has been great for walking long-distance with heavy books, biking with heavy books, and carrying heavy groceries home from the store. :D Could be used as a daypack for short hikes, more comfy than many bags, but probably not as comfortable as a dedicated backpacking bag. I am a skinny woman, and this bag was able to size comfortably for me, but my 6’2″ husband can adjust all the straps for him too.The hip strap is well made, and padded so that it is actually comfortable with 50+ lbs of books weighing it down. Can’t emphazise how comfortable the hip strap is!The laptop gets it’s own padded compartment in the main pocket, and it is tall enough for 17″ laptops. I use it for a 15″, and the sides are fine, so I don’t know how the sides on a 17″ would be, but I expect it will fit fine. Has a nice clip to keep it from bouncing around.The second (big) pocket out is for shorter items, but from outside is deceptively large because in fact there is a third almost hidden pocket in front of it. The third pocket has a size zip entrance, so it’s not very good for books or papers. I don’t use it for much except sometimes an extra shirt, or scarf and hat, things like that. If short on space though, remember it’s there. The outermost pocket is great for pencils, bus schedules, combs, flat stuff. I use the mp3/cd player pocket for my laptop mouse.The “suspension system” on the shoulder straps actually has a span of tough elastic in between shoulders and bag. I think it makes the bag ride softer on your shoulders… but also makes it a little more bouncy.The rain fly is VERY effective, although when not using it is more heavy than you might think. I had a hard time folding it back up to fit in it’s underneath pocket. Without the fly, the bag can take 1 hour of medium rain and keep your books dry. Although the laptop zipper will leak and soak the top of the bag a couple inches down, it didn’t reach my laptop because the bag is tall. Fly is bright yellow, it also doubles to make you somewhat more visible when biking in the dark. (Not reflective)

Not an HP fan, but….

I am not an HP fan for computers. Printers, yes. Computers, not so much.My history with HP computers has been one wrought with failures, crashes, loss of data, software conflicts, you name it. It all added up to a very unsatisfying experience.However…..After buying this one on a whim (because of the price) after a motherboard burnout on another computer, I am totally surprised at its performance and ease of use.PRO: The features it has are more than adequate for the moderate demand I wanted it for. Primarily office type demands, Photo processing, music etc. The on board video outputs, vga & hdmi, allowed me to do a dual monitor set up with virtually no lag between and link to my home theatre with excellent HD. The USB-3 inputs are more than adequate for most needs. Mic / headphone inputs are standard and the audio out handles surround sound well. After extending the use to more demanding projects…video and audio production, it performed well. There was some slowdown due to the high end demand, but it did hold its own.I didn’t expect it to perform as well as my work horse, but I just wanted to see if it could. And it ran cool and quiet under load.I did like the fact that it had no bloatware included. There was the standard antivirus which I uninstalled and replaced with one that i preferred. Office was negligible as I had my own I use.Con: None as yet. I will update this as time and usage increases.Highly recommended by someone who previously was not a fan.

Finding Sales on Back-to-School Clothing

Most parents have to spend a lot of money when they are getting their children ready to go back to school. Sometimes parents have to spend hundreds of dollars just to get their children the clothing, shoes and school supplies that are needed. At times, this can be a large financial burden. The best thing that a parent can do is look around for good deals. They can find clothing sales at local stores, as well as online. The same idea can apply to shoes and school supplies. Kids will be able to wear high quality and fashionable clothing, and their parents will not have to spend a fortune.

The best audiobooks

It's a fact that there are more and more people who will tell you that they like to listen to audiobooks every single day. However, that is not something that should surprise you, seeing as there are excellent audiobooks for sale at the moment. If you want to learn more about the best ones, you can find reviews on a website called Audiobook Passion. I suggest that you check out the website as soon as you can and see if there are some audiobooks that you are interested in purchasing. I recently bought The Goldfinch Audiobook and I really like it. The story is amazing.